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Putri is a journalism student at Padjadjaran University and a freelance photographer based in Bandung, yet originated from Bekasi, West Java.

Having brought up by two loving parents who likes nature and traveling, she then grew up to be a girl that loves both and combined them with her photography skill.

It all started with her very first analog camera from her uncle. He taught her how to capture the wonder of everything and she kept it going by learning more about photography in college courses and couldn’t stop pressing the shutter button ever since.

INSTAGRAM : @puanindya

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She first joined Instagram in 2012 only to post her holiday pictures and all photos around Bandung from her perspective. She didn’t expect the number of her followers would rocket up to half millions in 3 years and even more until at this moment in time. Who would have known that her nature and lifestyle photos had caught the eyes of travelers as well as international brands and tourism boards.

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Thanks to all that, Putri has been featured in numerous renowned magazines such as Huffington Post, Hypebeast, Streetdreamsmag, Dewi Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, IDIGTALK, Instagram blog,, passionpassport, Freemagz and Tempo Newspaper.

Two well-known musicians, Tony Anderson, and Joe Gil, also used her picture as their music artworks. Putri’s photos were displayed on 100-50-1 exhibition in San Fransisco, Instasunda in Bandung Indonesia, University of Indonesia, Unkl347 with WWF in Bandung Indonesia. She also became a speaker in several events.

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