A few times ago Matoa was supported by the government through the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia to become a part of Indonesia tourism branding as one of the official merchandise that would be used as a medium to promote Indonesia tourism and to be an official souvenirs of the state’s events.  

The government chose us because our products were considered as something that represented the uniqueness and culture values of Indonesia. Thus, in this occasion we engraved the ‘Wonderful Indonesia‘ logo on every our products and packaging for the government. This collaboration was an honor for us as we had been given an opportunity to contribute in introducing Indonesian culture and creativity to the world with the government. 

‘Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign itself is Indonesia’s branding to promote our culture and tourism to the world and all of Indonesians are expected to participate in promoting it. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to add 'Wonderful Indonesia' logo in every products packaging. And in the end, we do hope this collaboration will be a motivation for us to be more inspiring to many people through our products and movements. Hail Indonesia!