In 2015, Matoa Indonesia received an honorary with the chosen as one of Bandung’s Top 20 Creative Products. This award is a program that initiated by the government of Bandung city, especially from Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil. He was focused on giving training and development of the creative UKM sector in Bandung city, with the aim to produce 20 categories of Bandung’s creative products, which will enrich Bandung as creative city and these products will actively promote to the whole world. In the selection and determination of this award, the Bandung city government did collaboration with CIEL (Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership) from SBM ITB and UKM clinic from BCCF (Bandung Creative City Forum).

Surely this award became a pride and evidence if our hard work got appreciation by the government and citizen of Bandung city. This award also makes our products more known widely, because Bandung’s Top 20 Creative Products are a choice of products that will be introduced and promoted by the Mayor of Bandung to each country that he visited, also will be displayed in Little Bandung in several countries around the world as Bandung’s icon.  

By getting this award, is certainly a motivation for us to constantly innovate in developing our ideas, services, and products. As well as we hope in the future our brand and products can become a benchmark Bandung’s creative product not only in Bandung but also in the world.