You probably already familiar with some application on your mobile phone, and using it in your daily activities, such as Waze to give you directions to someplace, or use the Zomato to provide you lunch options. However, if in the near future you are planning a travelling, here 7 applications that will guide you and provides an easy, especially if you will travel abroad. 

1.          Entrain

When going on vacation abroad, maybe jet lag is the most frustrating thing. Because your sleep time becomes chaotic and your body difficult to adapt, this application will help you to calculate how best adaptation process for the biological sleep time after have a flight more than 5 hours. So you don’t need to undergo the first day of your vacation while dozing. 

2.          Hotel Tonight

Although you’ve booked the hotel from long days, sometimes your vacation plans change suddenly either because you missed a plane or need to stay in the same city that was not included your itinerary. With Hotel Tonight app, you can get a cheaper price hotel even if you book it one minute before checking in. This application also has features ‘Escape‘ by featuring the best hotel deal for use that night.

3.          CityMaps2Go

Sometimes when traveling, we have trouble for accessing the Internet, especially when we visit country that deliberately turns off the roaming data. But with CityMaps2Go application, you can download a map and access it offline. Not only that, we also could mark the places we want to visit and use the feature ‘Pin It’, even see the subway map so you could know the railways you should choose to reach destination.

4.          Tripomatic

If you are a detail and arranged person when determining the itinerary, Tripomatic application will be your favorite app when traveling. Just choose your destination and determine how long you will stay in there, this app will draw up a list of options some places that can be visited, complete with tips and detailed information. This app can also arrange trips to determine the order in which should be visited first. 

5.          Flight Track

This application helps us to know where the terminal you have to check in and where the gate you will boarding, Flight Track also will notify if your plane delayed and provide a map of the airport so you will never get a lost when transit at another airport.  

6.          Trip It

When traveling, of course, much evidence of booking information that you must take it such as a ticket, boarding pass, and hotel booking. With this application you can store and collect all the confirmation booking. If your email already connected with this app, Trip it will automatically save all booking confirmation and you just need to show evidence through your phone or gadget. 

7.          Travel List

This application will help you to make a list of any items that need to be taken when travelling to avoid stuff left.