For those of you who love jazz music, you surely know Java Jazz Festival event. This international jazz festival was held again for the 12th times on March 4th  – 6th, at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. With the theme ‘Exploring Indonesia’ for this year’s event, Java Jazz invites Matoa Indonesia to collaborate and became their official merchandise partner. 

Obviously we didn’t miss this opportunity of this partnership, especially Java Jazz is a music festival that has an international standard and the quality of this event is not in doubt. On the other hand, the essence of this event is very suitable with our character that promotes Indonesian cultural values in creativity. This is the first time we collaborated and became Java Jazz official merchandise partner; in this collaboration, we gave 20 pieces of Matoa watches to Indonesia and foreign artists, and each Matoa watch was engraved with lettering ‘Matoa x Java Jazz’. 

The international guest star that gets Matoa watch is Charlie Lim a Singapore’s musician who is famous with his acoustic melancholia; post-rock, and electronic pop music. As well Wojtek Pilichowski an international bass player from Poland and his musical talent is not in doubt. 

At the next opportunity, of course we want to collaborate with a variety of other music festivals. Because we believe music and fashion is a universal language that can communicate the message, including transferring the message of culture and promote tourism as well as the creativity of the Indonesia citizen to the world.