We certainly agree that Indonesia has a lot of cultures from Sabang to Merauke. The richness and the beauty of Indonesian cultures have inspired us in creating Matoa watches until today, such as the selection of article names, wood materials that we use, as well as the essence and Indonesian cultural values that lie in every our product. It is no different than when we create our new arrival Matoa SUNDA.

Unlike the previous Matoa watches that use the names of various islands in Eastern Indonesia, Matoa SUNDA is made because we are inspired by the natural beauty and culture of the Sundanese. This article represents our dedication and gratitude to Sundanese especially West Java as our hometown. Through Matoa SUNDA we want to preserve the value and philosophy of Sundanese culture because basically culture was born and leads us to understand how to behave wisely towards each other, the environment and mother earth.

Sundanese culture has a plenty of meanings and each of them teaches us to always conserve nature because every creature in this universe, no matter how small it is, requires a balance and harmonious life. Thus, in the process of making Matoa watch, we never chop down any trees, but most of all we use a waste wood. Most importantly, we have been planting trees every year as our gratitude to nature. 

By using maple wood as the main material, Matoa SUNDA has a simple and minimalist design that represents the modesty of the Sundanese people. 

Plus, a few time ago we officially released Matoa SUNDA in Kampung Naga, a traditional Sundanese village in which the inhabitants still cling to their customs heritage. Behind its natural beauty, Kampung Naga has a lot of local wisdoms until this day, and the modesty of their life seems to remind us to mull over the meaning of life. We feel proud when we can use our culture in creativity, because somehow we are part of it.