A special gift comes from the heart. It is the pure intention of the giver that makes it so special. Here at MATOA, we can make it happen for you, and for those you love.

It is no secret that a watch is the right choice for a present. Its function as essential thing and the minimal design are the major reason why watch is suitable for every generation. Same goes for MATOA. We have been creating watches for 5 years so that our product can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or a souvenir for your company.

We believe that the reason why many people have chosen MATOA as an ideal gift is because of its special character that lies on each product. It is the best wooden in its class and the simple and elegant design. Not to mention the box and the unexpected surprise within.

Have we mentioned that you can customize the back of MATOA watch with any words you wish? Yes, you may engrave it with initial, name, or perhaps special date of your moment as creative as you are. This way, MATOA makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Birthday, anniversary, or farewell party, you name it. We’ll handle it for you. Last but not least, write the warmest wish on a greeting card and put it in the envelope with MATOA sign we’ll give especially for you. Surprise, surprise. Your loved ones will have a soft spot for the gift from you, and MATOA.