Singapore only occupies a small area but offers so much to discover. It is a place where the world’s leading economic centers in shipping and banking situated and certain cultural value develops. There’s nowhere else where you can experience Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures in such clean surroundings with an excellent public transportation system and hotels that meet Western standards.

It doesn’t have to take a long period of time to visit Singapore for Indonesians. Only 2 hours flight from Jakarta or Bandung. Now we know why many Indonesian opt for Singapore when it comes to a short getaway.

The skycrapers standing everywhere had us at hello when we first stepped our feet there. Despite the blistering hot weather, it didn’t stop us to explore every corner of this city-state. Regardless of the excitement to start our exploration we couldn’t resist, priority remains priority. Yes, we did have major reason why we visited Singapore in the first place (other than going on a vacation of course). It’s i Light Marina Bay.

I Light Marina Bay is a sustainable light art festival held in the Marina Bay where the visitors can watch the intelligent use of lighting by various artists as well as enjoy themselves at the bazaar. If you were there too, you may have spotted us among numerous tenants. And it was undoubtedly an amazing experience to be a part of the festival. Surely here in Indonesia there are many local creative space but nothing could go wrong if we challenge ourselves for more. Especially in Singapore.

And so we took our marketing area to a wider range: Singaporean, after previously taking Matoa to Europe. Lucky for us, we bumped into Naiise, a multi-label design store that features a well-curated selection of everything from furniture to fashion to stationery, produced by both Singapore and international designer. Their purpose perfectly met MATOA’s concept in the very beginning: to support local products to be known and loved among everyone. We believed we made a right decision by bringing our product to Naiise for all Singaporean creative minds.

Next thing we had on itinerary was by all means shopping as we all knew that Singapore was a world-renowned shopping haven where you could find anything you want. Luxury goods or traditional Asian exotica. One can surely satisfy his shopping craving here.

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The right place that has it all is Haji Lane. It’s a hidden hipster neighbourhood where (surely) any hipster can find everything; from hole-in-the-wall boutiques to hip cafes and cool bars.

Creative doers like us who are always on the lookout for extraordinary items didn’t want to miss wandering around this street in the Arab Quarter as it offered plenty of quirky stuffs waving at all window displays. As this fact wasn’t hipster enough, this lane itself was very pretty with full of candy coloured shop houses and oh so Instagram-genic murals!

Having done with shopping and being hipsters for the day – we must admit we hadn’t had enough – we decided to stop by at St Andrew Cathedral. How could one not be astonished as he looked up at this grand church? Among numerous skycrapers in metro Singapore, here stood St Andrew Cathedral that showed the significance of Singapore’s history and culture. It’s the gleaming white exterior which contrasted with the dark pews inside as the sunlight rays through the colourful stained-glass windows that we couldn’t seem to stop admiring. Such a view to gaze at every morning.

It is no wonder why Singapore has become Indonesians’ favorite nearest escape. The incredible skyline, cultures, streets and the immaculacy on every corner has won people’s heart from all around the globe. It’s an absolute thing that they will come back for more even for a reasonably short time frame.