Indonesia, a beautiful country with so many white beaches that are perfect at your eyes, along with the amazing underwater life that attracts foreign tourists and local ones. From all of the hidden breath-taking islands that lie in Indonesia, Alor is no exception.

People can say that paradise underneath the sky can be found in only certain places. Well, Indonesia has many and one of them is Alor. Travel to the eastern part of Indonesia and you’ll find yourself amazed with the beauty of Alor. Not to mention the nature that surrounds the island and its people with distinctive traditions and customs. You’ll see why we are inspired to create Matoa Alor by all of the above.

The combination of minimalist design and the elegance of Alor rest on Makasar ebony that we use for Matoa Alor main material, leaves an exclusive and exotic appearance that can give a bold statement to make you look stand out among the rest.