What lies within a cluster of islands in Indonesia is not a mere tropical beaches and lush forrest. It’s more than that. In fact, Indonesia has more to offer. It’s the hundreds of ethnic tribe that keep their history and the novelty of their own cultures. It’s no wonder if the world takes pleasure in what this country has aside from how its nature casts a spell on wanderers. Our admiration of what we possess in our motheland is by all means undoubtable. Here we express it in every single MATOA timepiece that depicts several names of beautiful islands and ethnic groups in Indonesia. As well as the values they are proud of. And MATOA Mori is not an exception.

Mori, an ethnic tribe tucked away in Central Sulawesi, gives us another inspiration to stay creative in producing MATOA watch through history and cultural value that the inhabitants keep. Regardless of how they can transform tree bark into an extraordinary piece of fabric or a diversity of its kinship and habitation, still they are united to honour their cultural values. These very two reasons explain a lot why we choose Mori as the name of our latest collection.

Mori’s culturally diverse local wisdom also takes part in moving us to create something new and different on MATOA’s variant. Unlike the previous ones, MATOA Mori is perfectly made in a compact size that can complement your classically feminine look. Additionally, it reveals everything that deserves to be honoured from what Mori is rich of.

Diversity in unity. That’s what Mori’s local wisdom also teaches us how every Indonesian should be proud of the diversity we have yet still are united to preserve it. We carry it all out in MATOA’s perfection that discovers diversed cultures and traditions to be Indonesian treasure that the whole world recognizes.