We guess we should not talk much about Google. Everybody knows that. How could one not? In this era of technology, everyone uses internet on daily basis includes numerous features from Google such as Google Search, Google Maps and so much more. Yes, we’re talking about Android too. And yes, we are amongst all of the people who use Google too.

Being a local brand that is utilizing Google Adwords and Google Display Network continuously, we were cordially (and luckily) invited to Google Indonesia office located at Senayan, Jakarta.

Google offices all around the world are known to be the best for its creative design. Well, Google Indonesia office is no exception. But what does it have here anyway? Apparently, Indonesian vibes are included in this office. What’s even better is that each meeting room is labeled with hilarious names adopted from Indonesian inside jokes such as “Gudang Rezeki”, “Pangkalan Ojek”, and “Gelora Asmara”. How about the cafetaria? They call it “Warung Mbah Google”.

However, we came there for a reason which was joining their workshop, Ad Lab: Exploring & Understanding Search and Mobile. In this workshop, we and several other brands and startups shared about Google Products that we had been using and how we brought them into play to support our digital marketing activities. There was also more it than that. In the next session, we created a forum discussion group to share our perspectives on Google Products in digital marketing. Two of them are Google Adwords and Google Display Network.

There were countless experiences that we got from the workshop. Not to mention that we were also given the opportunity to meet people who were expert in their field especially in digital marketing. We hope to come back soon!